Sunless FAQs

Before and After Care for Sunless Tanning in Cranberry Twp and Butler PA.

You can choose from a light, medium or dark tan. Please discuss with your tanning consultants to choose the best and most natural looking tan possible.

The Moisture Mist hydrates and softens the skin and prolongs the spray tan results as well as help eliminate the DHA odor. This is also available as a stand alone service to help hydrate the skin to achieve better tanning results.

When exiting the Pura unit after a session you should be dry enough to re-dress right away, thanks to Pura’s comfort dry system.

The solution needs to stay on for at least 6 hours and will develop color over 24 hours.

One of the most important things that you must do is to thoroughly exfoliate before spray tanning and wash off lotions or creams from the skin.  Wear loose fitting clothing to your session and be sure to wait a minimum of six hours to shower.

Depending on the how well you maintain your skin with moisturizer, avoid chlorinated pools and harsh soaps in the shower. With proper care your tan should last 7 days.

You could see a small amount of Bronzer solution, however it will wash out.

Yes, but please consult your family physician.

It is recommended to wait 5-7 days in between sessions. You want to give your skin time to fade out evenly. When color is sprayed over spots that are darker than others it gives an unpleasant look of built up color in some areas.

No! Spray Tanning is not the same as UV Tanning. With a spray tan your skin can still burn so when going into the sun, you must wear sun protection.