The Best Sunless Spray Tan in Cranberry Twp and Butler, PA

Four Seasons Tanning & Spa, Sunless Spray Tan in Cranberry Twp and Butler, PA –  Are you looking for instant results?  Try Pura Sunless today!  The Pura is the next generation in sunless tanning.  It is a fully private and automated booth.  Pura Sunless provides a flawless, all over UV Free tan and is fully customizable to meet your individual needs.

Simple Positions:  Enhanced design requires just one forward and one rear-facing position to achieve even color coverage.

Heated Comfort Dry Pass: Heat is applied simultaneously with each spray pattern to improve drying and spray comfort.






Includes Pura Sunless Spray Tanning.
Compare at $30/session.

From its 4-Minute Tan and Simple Positions to its Comfort Dry Pass and Trinity Mist sprayers, Pura has features like no other to give you a tan like no other.

Sunless FAQs

Do you have questions about sunless tanning and solutions? We have your answers.

Sunless Instructions and Care

There is no need to make an appointment for your spray tan visit. Walk-ins are always welcome. The entire sprat tan process only takes 4-10 minutes to complete.

When prepping for your Pura Sunless experience please do the following before your visit:

  • Shower and exfoliate your skin.
  • Do not use any bar soaps. creams or lotions. They may react to the spray tan solutions and cause an unnatural appearance.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing

Four Seasons "Cocktail"

Are you looking for the Ultimate tan? Tan in our Matrix High Pressure, followed by a sunless tan in our Pura Sunless Booth. The perfect Tanning Cocktail!

Sunless After Care

Your spray tan will take 3 hours to completely develop.  In order to get the longest life from your tan the following is recommended:

  • Avoid exercising, sweating , contact with water until after your first shower.
  • Wait a minimum of 3 hours before showering and apply shower gel with your hands. Do not use a loofah or a wash cloth, pat yourself dry. For best results use a shower gel made for sunless care sold at our salon.
  • Moisturize your skin several times per day with a tan extending moisturizer also sold at our salon. This will extend the life of your spray tan.
  • Pools and hot tubs with chlorine will make the tan fade faster. After using either of these, rinse the skin with fresh water so the chlorine does not sit on the skin and moisturize as soon as possible as notes above.
  • Please keep in mind that it is recommended to bring an umbrella if it is raining.