What is the Cocoon Fitness POD?

Infrared Sauna Fitness Pod in Cranberry Twp and Butler PA.

The Cocoon POD is the ultimate total body health, wellness and fitness system for everyone. The Cocoon delivers time-saving hyperthermic fitness conditioning for a variety of wellness benefits, including weight management and assisting with weight loss goals, increasing endurance, body toning & firming, enhancing stress relief, and improving total body wellness.

The Cocoon Fitness Pod offers multiple Relaxation, Fitness and Wellness Benefits.

  • Weight Management
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Detox
  • Pain Management
  • Pre/Post Workout
  • Sore Muscle & Joint Relief
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • De-stress
  • Re-energize
  • Better Sleep
  • More Flexibility
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Improved Skin Tone & Texture

* Cocoon Fitness Pod available in Cranberry Twp and Butler PA locations



Low heat, low intensity dual wave body massage.

power nap

Power Nap

Low heat, light intensity dual wave body massage.



Medium heat, mild intensity dual wave body massage.



High heat, strong intensity dual wave body massage.

weight management

Weight Management

High heat, vigorous intensity dual wave body massage.






Includes Beauty Angel, Cocoon Fitness Pod, Poly Red Light & SmartSun Therapy(Cranberry Twp. location only).
Compare at $35/session.

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Enhance your inner self and re-energize with the Cocoon Fitness Pod. Bring out your inner self.

3 Core Functions

Level 1 – Is low heat function designed to relax the body, provide massage and power nap functions with the infrared light technology. This function is very popular with beginners and those seeking a relaxation experience. (Infrared only)

Level 2 – Is medium function designed to assist with fitness recovery and pain management. This function is very popular with athletes, gym lovers and those seeking relief from mild body pain areas (e.g. scactia). (145F + Infrared)

Level 3 – Is a high heat function designed with an emphasis on holistic cleanse, detox, weight management and better sleep. This function has been very popular with celebrities, brides to look their best for a special event. Also popular adults seeking a push to their weight loss goals to the next level. (165F + Infrared)

Relax, Recover, Rejuvenate.

Dual wave vibration adjustable massage system to relax, relieve and soothe the body.


Cocoon Fitness Pod delivers a full body vibrational massage therapy with a dual wave massage vibration system. Vibration is one of the five classical massage strokes that hails from ancient civilizations. Ancient Chinese medicine masters used vibration to raise the level of life force and stimulate or loosen muscles. Since the 16th century, Japanese schools of massage have used vibration to loosen rigid muscles and reduce rheumatic pain. Therapeutic vibrations exert a small, rhythmic force that travels deeply within the body cavity to exert small pressure waves on resistant muscles that feel tight. Gentle forces stretch the muscle until it reaches relaxation. The machine vibration employed by the Cocoon is even more effective than a massage therapist for this technique.